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This or That?

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A comic based on this perfect interview
Evening well spend on making this and thanks to everyone who joined the livestream!

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Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka reenact the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp (x)

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love sangster’s look of horror in the second to last gif—that moment when you suddenly realize what you did last night (x)

btw i would pay a massive amount to see this pillow fight

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Director Wes Ball on The Scorch Trials (x)

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you almost had me.

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the concept of liking someone and them liking you back and you deciding to date each other literally just fucking baffles me because it has never once happened for me in my entire life

how are you all doing this

how are you people making it look so easy

how are you finding people who like you back and want to date you and then actually do it

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Think about that. The only reason why we don’t do something is because we are afraid. Not saying that sometimes that fear isn’t justified but the only reason why we don’t do something is because we are afraid. If we could get past the fear, what could we do? What could we experience? What could we accomplish? Don’t let your fears be the thing that hinder you, for God sake. [x]

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